What is Organizational Consultancy?

Organizational consultancy brings together a broad category of experts involved in various trades and sectors. Corporate consulting firms, also known as management consulting firms, mainly work with operational departments (HR, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, etc.). These firms are involved in reorganization missions from the diagnostic phase to the functional implementation of solutions.

The missions last, on average, between two months and one year. Invoicing and compensation vary significantly in organizational consulting and will depend on the firm being hired. Organizational consulting is practiced by a multitude of players, from small specialized firms to consulting subsidiaries.

Medium organizations

Organizational consulting firms are generally structured in several departments, whose composition varies significantly from one firm to another. Some deal with sector specializations (banking, public works, etc.), while others work with functional specialties. This system allows consultants to develop expertise over a broad area.

Also, the requested flexibility can be limited because it is sometimes necessary to move forward in an undefined situation. But once these points have been identified, working with a management consultant like David Johnson Cane Bay has several advantages. It is not easy to grasp the realities of offers behind the semantic subtleties that qualify consulting firms.

Be vocal

Management consulting firms do everything to let their clients know that they are strategic; conversely, strategic consulting firms want to extend their involvement downstream to be successful. Differentiating a strategy consulting firm from a management firm was easier a decade ago. Strategy then meant “growth,” or how to help a company to develop its turnover, its geographical coverage, and so on.

In the mid-1990s, there was very little talk of optimizing the corporate supply chain, purchasing, time-to-market, management, manufacturing, etc. Consulting was more easily segmentable: growth strategy, organizational processes, IT/systems integration, and the like. Today, this thinking no longer exists, and many specialist firms have developed into business consulting, financial performance consulting, and operational performance consulting.

Customers are not just buying a solution, and often not just a strategy either. They sometimes buy power or reinsurance; they hire a consultant dedicated to 100% to solving their problems. Do not wait until your business starts to fail – hire a professional consultant today.