We Are Ready to Launch Next Week

Of course it has been difficult to keep the guys on track, but when your job is to herd cats you get used to it. Of course Jack and all of the women in the place are a toxic mix, we eventually decided that he was just not brilliant enough to put up with any more. When we looked inside his computer we found a real cesspool of weird porn and some sort of worm he was designing that must have been targeting betting web sites. In truth it seems like getting rid of him was the magic bullet that we needed. It was thought that we would have trouble replacing him, but instead we managed to find this kid genius who could code circles around Jack and also was not a misogynist who made all of the people around him miserable. The day after we hired this teenaged wizard he just took over the entire project as if he had been born the prince of the entire place.

Stunningly absolutely no one questioned his authority. He just seems to exude authority when it comes to writing code and all of those other guys knew that he was better than them. It was just obvious that he knew exactly how to fix the issues that we had been struggling with for weeks. I looked like a genius to the money people who were sort of in a panic just a month ago. Of course it is a beautiful thing for me, but I had very little to do with it. This kid just fell in my lap and I let him do what he wanted to do, the fact that he is a genius with OCD is just the way that he was born. He can not even help himself or even stop working.