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A Step by Step Guide for Starting Charcoal Without Using Lighter Fluid

The sensitivity of lighter liquid can greatly impact on the taste of your barbecue. Lighter fluid usually affect and alter the chemical content of the food one is cooking. To the human body, the ingested chemicals affect the body of the person that consumed the food. Let’s try to teach ourselves how to start charcoal without lighter fluid. There are a number of ways to implement this tradition of starting charcoal without lighter fluid. Discussed below are the available methods to start charcoal without the use of lighter fluid.

First, there exists an option of using a starter chimney. Newspapers here are used to make sure the charcoal is lit efficiently. Load the bottom of the chimney with some bales of newspapers rolled together. Cover the starter top with charcoal pieces, make sure the top is filled and covered fully, and allow it to access the paper pieces at the bottom. Start a flame and set it to all the directions on the grill igniting the charcoals. While top pieces are not grey in color, wait for them to turn grey then tip the coals on the trellis. Lastly, check out that the lead-ins are open for a bigger fire set.

Secondly, you may decide to start the fire by the use of local newspapers available. Start by opening the openings then remove all the ashes inside to give more room for enough oxygen supply. This will ensure consistent airflow in the charcoals and provide sufficient oxygen for burning to take place. Put some the papers at the midpoint of the grill. Papers are usually very easy to light and this will facilitate our process. On top of the newspapers put some sticks with higher flaming points following the papers. To finish, put some reasonable amount of charcoal on top of the sticks and level it to the edges of the grill. Start the fire on the paper from different places to fasten the process of lighting the charcoal. As the charcoal starts to get exhausted, steadily add others to continue cooking effectively as the grey color appears.

Observe the following measures to sustain the flame. Unite the coals for a good flame. Add more coals regularly to keep burning. Ventilate the grill for air circulation to take place. Remove the ash more frequently. Seal up any unused briquets.

It is simple to start flame without the use of lighter flame
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