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For our own good, we do need to live in a clean environment. Doing this is the only chance we have as far as staying safe is concerned. We need to protect our water sources. Water is one of the most used substances if the world. Without it, there is no chance of survival. We need it since it is the only thing that will make us have the right living conditions. If you look at the many sources of water, you will find them polluted beyond any means. This means that we are doing to have a lot of health issues regarding water pollution. People will be taking contaminated water. This is something that is happening in our cities. We need the situation to improve. Make no mistake; this is a demand, not a request. We need to have everything under control. This must happen now, or otherwise, we shall all suffer.

The public trust is here to help us understand our rights. It is we who are suffering. Do not live in somewhere in fear because you do not want to be seen fighting for your right. It is the air you breathe, the water you take, and the land you use we are talking about here. Work hard in making sure you preserve the nature around. We need to push the authorities to do their work. We do pay taxes so that we have an improved living condition in our areas. Public safety and health is an essential thing in every community. It is high time we advocate for the need to have the best services. This is so meaningful that we are going to achieve when we advocate for transparency of what the government needs to do for us. The government needs to know we need to have a clean environment.

It is the work of the government to make sure that people do get what they deserve every time. We do not need to have clean air and the drinking water that is not safe. We need it all to be okay for us. Due to this, we need to raise up and demand our rights. We lost control of our rights without knowing, now we should be prepared to have it back. If you are not aware of your rights, it is because you came to believe that you do not deserves good things. This is wrong. The authorities made you think so. It is very wrong, and we need to set it straight again.

We do understand that now. We need to use every means of communication to make sure all the members of the community know our objective. What we are fighting for is to be given a chance of having a better living once again. Our concern is to have clean air, water, and land. Our people are sick, and some died because of living in such hazardous conditions. Make use of the public trust website, twitter, and other forms of communication for more updates.

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