Why do lenders always go by the lowest credit score?

As a borrower, I've often wondered why lenders always seem to focus on the lowest credit score when evaluating loan applications. It turns out that this conservative approach helps lenders minimize risk by assessing a borrower's creditworthiness based on their weakest financial performance. By considering the lowest credit score, lenders can account for any financial setbacks or inconsistencies in a borrower's history. This practice ultimately ensures that lenders are more likely to approve loans for individuals who have demonstrated the ability to consistently manage their credit responsibly. So, while it may be frustrating for borrowers, it's a necessary precaution that benefits both parties in the long run.

Written by

Ivy Silverman, May, 30 2023

How does mortgage insurance protect the lenders?

Mortgage insurance helps lenders protect against losses if borrowers default on their mortgage payments. It protects lenders from the risk of non-payment and helps ensure that borrowers can afford to make their payments. Mortgage insurance can reduce the amount of money a lender needs to put down as a down payment and allows lenders to offer more competitive mortgage rates. Mortgage insurance also helps lenders to recoup some of the costs associated with a loan if the borrower defaults. This helps lenders to protect their investments and reduce the amount of money they might lose if the borrower is unable to pay back the loan. With mortgage insurance, lenders can offer more competitive rates and borrowers can enjoy the benefits of a lower interest rate.

Written by

Ivy Silverman, Mar, 30 2023