What is online real estate?

Online real estate is the buying and selling of digital property in the form of websites, domain names, and other online assets. It can be a lucrative form of investment, offering greater control and flexibility than traditional real estate investments. Online real estate also has fewer maintenance costs, as the properties can be managed remotely. With the right knowledge, online real estate can provide a great return on your investment. It's important to do thorough research before investing in online real estate to ensure you get the best return.

Written by

Ivy Silverman, Mar, 15 2023

Is it better to sell a property as an individual or as a corporation?

Selling a property as an individual or as a corporation can have its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the individual investor's situation. When selling as an individual, the investor may benefit from capital gains tax deductions, while selling as a corporation can result in lower tax rates and more asset protection. However, selling a property as a corporation can also require additional paperwork and administrative costs. Ultimately, the investor must evaluate their individual situation and decide which option is most beneficial to them.

Written by

Ivy Silverman, Mar, 12 2023